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Obesity And Erectile Dysfunction: Is Being Fat Affecting Your Sex Life?

Are thoughts of inability in maintaining and developing erection makes you worried? Erectile disorder (or Erectile dysfunction) can be a common condition. Men of almost all age group and background get affected by this that will make sexual activity less enjoyable.

  • Medical studies have shown that ED is linked to several health factors. One factor that can be linked to ED is weight.
  • This guide will examine the connection between being overweight and developing ED.
  • Here we will discuss the ways for improving your erection and sexual performance while having overweight.

Firstly understand what is erectile dysfunction?

  • Erectile dysfunction is the condition when men are unable to get desired hard erection and unable to conceive while having intercourse.
  • Most men experience erectile dysfunction from time to time depending on their emotional and physical health.
  • Erectile dysfunction can occur if there is too much alcohol in your system or you are too stressed about sex.
  • It’s not a problem if you have erectile dysfunction that is frequent enough to disrupt your sex life.

Variety of emotional and physical problems may lead to erectile dysfunction issue. These could include:

  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • Physical injury
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Some medications
  • Alcohol abuse
  • High levels of cholesterol

Other multiple causes will contribute to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Our doctors will help you identify the root cause of your erectile dysfunction, and then help you to overcome it.

Signs of ED Related to Obesity:

  • Sometime, the health issues that are mentioned above can be seen in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  • A few patients be aware of the ED problem at first.
  • They may then realize that they have a different illness that they were not aware about.
  • When heart disease is caused by overweight, for instance blood flow isn’t normal within the body.
  • But, the patient may not show any signs that indicate the development from heart diseases, like chest pain or discomfort during exercise.
  • Since getting an erection requires the body sending liquid to the penis, and maintaining that there ED can be a indication of heart disease because it renders the body unequipped to provide the necessary blood flow to keep the erection going.

How obesity impacts ED?

  • Many of the causes of ED are related to obesity. Many times, ED is caused by conditions that interfere with blood flow like high cholesterol rate and blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • These issues, by themselves, can lead to erectile dysfunction or other complications. Obesity can increase your chances of having ED.
  • If you didn’t get the desired treatment at the right time for ED, then it will lead to a worse situation.
  • Keep in mind that ED rises with age, all things being equal.
  • It is important to control your weight and other health issues related to sexual health.

How To Get An Erection?

You will need the following to get an erection:

  • Healthy blood vessels and heart health
  • Functioning nerves
  • The proper levels of hormones like including testosterone, are essential.
  • Obesity and overweight can cause problems with all of these. As gaining excess weight will increase the risk rate of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, blood cholesterol and diabetes.
  • This situation will responsible in damaging blood vessels and heart.
  • Your nerves can also be damaged by diabetes.
  • Obesity and overweight can also affect your testosterone levels.
  • Generally speaking, the higher your BMI, the lower your testosterone.
  • Combining these two can lead to obesity and overweight that can hinder your ability to conceive.
  • Being overweight will lead you towards facing these problems.

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Erectile Dysfunction: Can Losing Weight Help?

  • Time for some good news. It most likely will. It is a great way to improve your erections.
  • Many studies show that men who lose weight have a tendency to have fewer or no erections.
  • Studies show that reducing your body weight by 10% over a period of two months can improve your erections.
  • Your efforts in weight loss will help in improved sex life. It can increase testosterone levels, boost your sex drive, reduce any mental health issues that could put you off your game and give you more stamina and confidence.
  • Losing weight can have many benefits for your mental and physical health.

How Can You Increase The Quality And Performance Of Your Erections?

Lifestyle changes such as these can also be helpful in losing weight for improving erections:

  • Regular exercise, of no less than 30 minutes per day, can increase your testosterone and help improve the health of both your heart and circulatory system.
  • ED reduction is possible by quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, and avoiding recreational drugs.
  • Rich vitamins and nutrients diet will help in increased blood flow level and high testosterone level.
  • Taking enough sleep will help in lowering down the risk of developing ED

When to consider ED Medications?

  • Even if losing weight and improving your cardiovascular condition doesn’t solve your ED problem, medications such as Cenforce 100 pills or cheap Fildena 100 to your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough to take ED medication.
  • It is important to have healthy body weight for sexual and general health.
  • Your erections, sexual performance, and overall quality of life can be greatly improved if your weight has risen in the past few years.
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