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How to Keep an Erection during Sex?

How to Maintain an Erection During Sexual Activity?

  • You are not alone, which does not arise or maintain during sex. There are many individuals around the world who cannot maintain an erection during sexual intercourse.
  • The key to solving this health `problem is to find out if you are temporarily suffering from the problem or if there is less motivation than the normal occurrence.
  • There are a number of factors that can be used to get rid of this problem completely, the most important is discussing with your partner, to adjust to the lifestyle and to form some new habits.
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Start discussing with your partner about sex or other health related and social problem

  • Discussing with your partner about sex or any other thing is one of the great ways to communicate about your feelings and your experience. You need to open up about your anxiety, pain, stress, boredom, and everything while discussing because these factors may affect your present sex life.

Here are some tips for healthy and productive conversation

  • It does not mean that dissatisfaction in your sex life means a problem with your partner or in your relationship. So you should discuss with your sex partner the cause of the problem that why this problem may arise.
  • We often get ideas about sexual behaviors from any media that we use everyday including both positive and negative ideas of sexual performance. You need to be aware that sex may not be what you think; it also depends on your partner’s decision.
  • You should remind that it is not a time for multitasking. Any risky or unpleasant conversation can make an adverse effect on you and your partner.
  • You should try to make any new in your bedroom.

You should be normal with your diet or lifestyle, don’t make it so drastic, additionally, you should add some spice to everything. In this case, you should go with a new position while you are in bed for sex, or you can use Sex toys.

Apart from you can go with another contact like mouth for creating more excitement, try to find out different entry point. It allows you to get more enjoyment when you are with your partner for sex. Additionally, you have to create a situation that can make you aroused during sex.

It helps you to keep and maintain an erection. Instead, you should focus on sex, so you can identify what type of touch make you happy and pleasure before your sexual performance.

Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes

  • The nutrients rich food can help you to get rid of all health issues. In erection problems, it plays a key role. Taking nutrient-rich food like vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains helps you to enhance the blood flow and improve blood circulation all over your body including the sex organ. Proper blood flow in the penis is the main factor in getting consistent erections during sex.

Here are some foods that may help:

  • Antioxidants, as well as anthocyanins-rich fruit, may help you to protect the tissue of your body and decrease the risk of heart disease. Antioxidants and anthocyanins rich fruit like blueberry.
  • Leafy green vegetable like spinach also helps to boost the testosterone level in your body.
  • Foods rich with B-12, such as soy-based food, can support functioning all organs of the body that helps to cure erectile health.

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Eat less fatty, fried, and processed foods

Eating the fatty, fried, or processed foods is good for your health; it may enhance the risk of certain health problem that affects your sexual ability.

These conditions include:

  • heart problem
  • high blood pressure
  • high blood sugar
  • kidney problem
  • diabetes

You may find out the high-fat but healthy foods like:

  • Dairy products, including pannier, yogurt, and low-fat milk
  • Whole-grain cereals.
  • While cheese is not pre-grated.

Keep green salad, easy-to-prep vegetables, and grains are extremely effective to keep your body healthy, so you can keep and maintain an erection.

Consider the Mediterranean diet

According to some research, the Mediterranean diet can help to reduce some severe health issues that may increase the chance of ED or Erectile Dysfunction.

Maintaining this diet may help to reduce them:

  • lower cholesterol
  • increase testosterone level
  • increase antioxidants
  • improve blood flow
  • increase L-arginine levels

Cut down alcohol consumption:

  • The drink can help to put your mood. Excessive alcohol can create various health problems. You should remember, excessive consumption of alcohol can dampen your sexual ability very quickly, it may affect your erection.
  • Actually, alcohol has the ability to make your central nervous system dull, this problem may affect your sexual ability. If you drink a huge amount of alcohol, your body cannot respond as well as perform properly.
  • Additionally, drinking alcohol can damage the liver which led to increased estrogen production in the body. So cutting back on your drinking habit will be able to boost the enjoyment in bed.

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Stop Smoking for Sexual Well-Being

  • Smoking is associated closely with most sexual difficulties or hardships that become the prime reason for impotence, ED. Apart from this; it may contribute to vascular disease which primarily affects the blood flow to the sexual organ like the penis.
  • To achieve maximum blood flow on the penis or another part of the body, you need to quit smoking. Some time smoking leads the losing interest in sex. So, quit or stop smoking can help you get more enjoyment in bed.

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Get a slim and fat-free body:

  • The slim and fat-free body may always help you to fight the various problems of the body including erection problems. Research shows that there is a 50% chance to get ED or other sexual disorder for a man with excessive weight than a man with a 32-inch waist.
  • Obesity is another reason for sexual disorders. So it is verified that losing extra weight can allow you to fight against sexual disorders.

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