what is sexual arousal?

Sexual arousal and sexual desire can be used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between these two words.

At that time, Your penis or clitoris becomes erect (hard), sensitive, and engorged, and you may feel the tip of the penis or vagina getting wet.

If you want to be sexually aroused alone or with a partner, you can imagine or listen to sexual thoughts, fantasies, read different books, watch movies, or listen to pornographic material.

You should remember, the people become sexually aroused when a certain sensitive part of the body is touched by their partner. It is not true for all; everyone cannot become sexually aroused from touch.

Feeling sexually aroused can cause various physical reactions and changes these are mentioned below”.

Heartbeat, blood pressure, breathing, and temperature are increased. Blood is increased in the nipples, labia, and clitoris and these areas become more sensitive.

Penis gets harder, erected and after that stands up, this condition is known as erection. Your vagina gets wet and then expands

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Difference between arousal and desire:

The desire usually refers to the need for emotional sexual intercourse, and sexual desire causes physiological changes in your body and you become sexually aroused.

Cleveland Clinic states in a report, Lack of desire refers to lack of sexual desire or aversion to sex, having sexual desire in arousal disorders but your body struggles to get in the mood for sex.

Someone shows the wish of sexual arousal, it doesn’t mean that they want to have sex immediately— nor does it always mean they have consented to sex.

If you do not sure what your partner wants, he or she wants sex or not, then you have to ask! If he agrees, then you should proceed.

How to Increase Sexual Arousal Levels

Vaginal lubrication is one of the great signs of decreased sexual arousal in women, it also means that the women gradually lose their sexual desire. This vaginal lubricant can augment lubrication.

If vaginal lubrication is reduced due to menopause, then hormone replacement therapy is often prescribed by the doctor. This therapy is approved by FDA, but there are some risks and side effects involved with the therapy.

The doctor prefers to prescribe the personal lubricant than any hormone replacement therapy. They think it is the safest option than any replacement therapy.

Containing the Sildenafil Citrate, Viagra comes from a class of medicine, renowned as the alpha-adrenergic blockers like Regitine (phentolamine).

It has the capacity to increase the veginal lubricant level when you are sexually aroused. According to multiple types of research, Viagra is the perfect medicine for treating various female sexual problems that can increase pleasure.

So if you are suffering the problem, then you need to take Viagra, which works like a wonder.

In addition to pharmacological solutions, various behavioral therapies must help increase sexual arousal, which you should choose.

The main aim of these therapies is to increase sexual arousal and imagination. All of these therapies must focus on sexual arousal.

If you are in a relationship, the therapist must know if there is a sexual problem in that relationship, or if your partner has a problem in having sexual arousal, this will prevent you from having sexual aerosols.

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If arousal fit into the stages of sexual response

As per the report of National Health Services (NHS), the United Kingdom, the researcher has identified 4 different stages of sexual response, these are your body, mind, during sex, and after sex.


Sexual excitement is the 2nd stage which is also the arousal stage, which involves various physiological changes of the body. These types of functions can make prepare your body for intercourse.

For instance, lubricating fluids can be produced by the glands, due to the fluids, the vagina becomes, sleeper and wet. The clitoris and vulva then swell, causing the blood vessels to dilate.


The plateau stage is the type of sexual stage that comes during orgasm. The physical changes that you feel due to arousal are intense. This makes it possible for the breath to be accelerated, and as a result, it may inadvertently slow down the wailing voice. As a result, the vagina may become hard and oily.


Orgasm is another stage, which is considered to be the last stage of sex! Pleasurable sex will never be possible without orgasm

An orgasm can be a muscle spasm; it is a normal state of the body, especially in the lower back and pelvis. Also, your vagina may become stiffer and more oily.


When the arousal of sex stops, the muscles of the body also relax and your blood pressure gradually decreases. During this time the clitoris becomes particularly sensitive which can then feel painful?

You will not be able to orgasm again during the refractory period. It is a stage of the body

Some people may experience frequent orgasms, but it is not necessary to have a pleasurable sexual experience. The most vital factor of aerosol is to keep your body fit and comfortable. So you can easily fight this problem.

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