What causes Erectile dysfunction in Men?

  • Erectile dysfunction is not a brand new word for us at once; it can influence men of all ages. But actually, it is an age-related disease. There are some common problems that relate to this sexual problem including erectile dysfunction or ED, ejaculation disorders, impotence, and inhibited sexual desire. These are now very simple issues that often are corrected by treating their underlying reasons.

What is erectile dysfunction (ED)?

  • Erectile dysfunction has physical or psychological causes that prevent you and your partner from being satisfied in sex.
  • ED in men is a common problem today in this hectic lifestyle affecting men of all ages, but it is seen more in older age. Proper treatment often may help to treat this problem.

The main type of ED treatment that men usually suffer from

    • Premature ejaculation–Reaching extreme excitement too soon
    • Delayed or inhibited ejaculation–Sexual arousal arrives very slowly
    • Low libido–losing interest in sex

What causes erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Here are some physical causes mentioned below that may create Erectile dysfunction:

  • Low testosterone levels.
  • Official medicines for various health problems like anti-depressants, diabetes, cardiovascular, high blood pressure drugs.
  • Disorders or problem in Blood circulation which is known as atherosclerosis.
  • Stroke
  • Nerve damage due to different surgeries and diabetes.
  • Excessive Smoking.
  • Alcoholism

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What medications could cause erectile dysfunction?

    • Highly Concern about the sexual ability
    • Different problems in Marital and love relation
    • Depression, tension, anxiety, feelings of guilt.
    • Bad Effects mind about the past sexual trauma
    • Stress and anxiety for a hectic lifestyle.
    • Medicine may create Erectile dysfunction
  • It is very normal that you have to take different drugs to treat different physical or psychological problems, But it may create side effects like sexual ability. Medicines or drugs like Blood pressure, anti-depression, glaucoma eye drops, antidepressant, and cancer chemotherapy medicines may create different problems in the human body. These all medicines can cause this health condition.
  • Most high blood pressure medications are associated with Erectile dysfunction, consuming these drugs may lead to this sexual problem. But you have to remember that some high blood pressure drugs help reduce the incidence of ED.

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What other substances or medicines may cause erectile dysfunction

  • Low Testosterone
    • Low Testosterone is the most common problem of erectile dysfunction. This hormone is present in the human body naturally and main fuels the sex drive of a man. So if testosterone level becomes low, it may decrease the man’s sexual ability and leads to erectile dysfunction. Improving testosterone levels through therapy and treatment can treat this dysfunction indirectly. Sometimes improved diet and proper exercise can enhance the testosterone level in the body.
  • Premature ejaculation
    • In this problem, men are unable to keep a strong erection during sex Erectile dysfunction can be led very easily. So your partner cannot enjoy sex.
  • Performance anxiety:
    • There are many sexual problems in our life due to hectic life, as a result, we suffer from performance anxiety, and this problem can lead to our Erectile dysfunction.
  • Depression:
    • If you are getting depressed for any reason, it will affect your ability to erect and then sexual performance.
  • Diabetes:
    • Erectile dysfunction is very common in diabetics. This problem may lead to serious veins or arteries hardening problems.
  • Nervous system problems:
    • If you have a problem with your nervous system, you may experience that it affects your sexual ability. So sometimes problems in the nervous system may lead to Erectile dysfunction. Some problems like stroke, nerve injuries, multiple sclerosis, and difficulty in the spinal cord may create sexual disability. Apart from it, pelvic surgeries can affect your nervous system. After that; it turns into Erectile dysfunction.
  • Hormone-induced Erectile dysfunction:
    • It is very normal that Hormone abnormalities can create Erectile dysfunction because Hormone regulates all our organs to work. The hormone produced by the pituitary gland contains prolactin.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury:
    • Without brain involvement, we cannot do anything. If the brain gets injured, it stops messaging to control another organ of the body.  The penis is not different from this. Traumatic brain injuries, trauma to the nervous and spine system, often impact men’s sexual ability to get or maintain an erection. This is the main symptom of ED. In this situation, most of the doctors recommend therapy and medication, by which this symptom can be cured properly.
  • Improper or imbalanced lifestyle
    • Excessive Smoking, using caffeine, consumption of alcohol or drugs, inappropriate lifestyle or diet chart, the sleeping disorder can create various types of sexual disorders. Erectile dysfunction that can be created by these problems can destroy your social status. If you want to get a cure for this problem you need to quit this habit.
  • Trauma to the Pelvic Area
    • Trauma to the pelvic area can different problems in sexual performance, but it can be treated. Trauma to the pelvic area may create an interruption in blood supply in the sex organs of men. Sometimes Erectile dysfunction occurs due to pelvic or perineal trauma can be treated with a surgical strategy for revascularization of the blood.

How is erectile dysfunction treated?

  • Sildenafil citrates, tadalafil, Vardenafil are the effective ingredients that can treat erectile dysfunction perfectly, by increasing the blood flow in the penis and enhancing the nitric oxide effect in the Body. The medicine containing relaxes muscles in the penis or other sexual organs. Though chemical compounds or active ingredients are different in these drugs, most of the medicines work in similar ways.  These minor differences make a small difference in the way of their work.

Where to buy the ED medicine?

  • If you want to purchase ED medicine, then an online store is a perfect way. But it is extremely important to purchase it from an authentic store. Safegenericpharmacy is really the best online store where you can buy the medicine at a cheap price.

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