Sildigra Reviews 1

Sildigra Reviews

Sildigra is widely used as a treatment remedy for ED or also known as erectile dysfunction that can be found in most men especially in the age group of 30 and above.

Sildigra tablets assist the patient with prolonged and stronger erections. It performs its work by increasing the abundance of hemoglobin stream to your sex organ, which lets plentiful blood rush through your penis making it work as if a natural phenomenon has taken place while you have become sensually aroused. With adequate blood flowing in and less quantity moving outwards, your nervures present in the sex organ become enlarged, which occurs in the development of a durable erection.


You must use the Sildigra 100 mg tablets exactly as it has been

Here are a few instructions to help you with the intake of these pills in a better way.

  • Utilize the Sildigra pill by oral means with or without consuming your main course meals. Sildigra will not function abruptly if you have taken the tablet with a rich in fat food.
  • Sildigra may not be consumed at the time of sex as the full effect of the pill will happen within 30 minutes or 2 hours of absorbing the tablet.
  • Sildigra will be assisting you in begetting stronger erections only if you are sexually aroused. An erection is not going to occur just by using a capsule, your sexual arousal is needed.
  • Never try to take higher than the recommended dosage of the Sildigra pills or use it more commonly than once a day. Follow the advised dosage and timing schedules as instructed by your specialist.



The commonly prescribed dosage of the Sildigra tablet is 50 mg. You need to make sure that you have spoken to all your issues related to your sex performance with your doctor. Given your health condition, you will be prescribed a dose. However, if you think that the prescribed dose must be reduced or increased basis on the effect it had on you at the time of sex, you need to contact your doctor. Never that you need a higher or lower dose of this drug. Always consult a specialist. You can also use Bluemen sildenafil, Kamini Oral Jelly to solve the Erectile Dysfunction problem.


An overdose of Sildigra is not a wise thing to do. This could severely affect your health and create problems. Remember, negative effects are associated with these drugs. If you think an overdose has been observed, an immediate call to your doctor is needed. Never take these things lightly. An overdose of such medicines can prove to be fatal.

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Sildigra tablets need protection after you buy them. The protection must come in terms of its storage. Kindly store it away from direct sunlight. of fewer than 25 degrees celsius. The drug needs to be kept out of the reach of children, minors, as well as women as this drug is used to better erections in males.

Side effects of using these pills

Side effect of sildigra

There are certain side effects that are associated with the use of such types of medicines.

Such adverse effects are listed here : 

  1. Some patients are noticed queasiness
  2. a tingly sensation has been reported by many
  3. Headaches will start to happen often
  4. illness spreading will be faster than expected
  5. heart attack symptoms have been seen in some patients
  6. Fluctuation in the blood pressure from low to high or vice versa
  7. sweating throughout the day no matter the weather
  8. skin rashes will be observed in males above 50
  9. some people may feel dizzy at work
  10. abnormal discernment of surroundings
  11. Nosebleeding will start to happen
  12. chest pain will happen too often in older men
  13. runny or confined nose
  14. restlessness while sleeping
  15. muscles will get swollen even without working out.
  16. An upset abdomen has been seen in many consumers
  17. sleep predicaments will start to occur and needs to be checked by a specialist.
  18. variances in eyesight will be seen while distinguishing colors
  19. frequent back pain has been seen by many men who use this pill
  20. blurred sight

Drug interactions you have to know about:

  1. ibuprofen
  2. nitroglycerin
  3. you must not take this drug as it is known to get interacted with amlodipine
  4. aspirin is known to interact too
  5. losartan
  6. gabapentin
  7. Aspirin Low get interacted as well
  8. A chemical such as Adderall also get interacted with this pill
  9. Flomax shall be avoided while taking this drug
  10. lisinopril
  11. metformin
  12. Also known to get interacted with this pill is carvedilol
  13. Finasteride will get interacted with the pill as well
  14. Lipitor (atorvastatin)
  15. grapefruit
  16. Strength (aspirin) needs to be avoided as it gets interacted with the pill
  17. Atorvastatin will get interacted with this pill
  18. Fish Oil gets mixed up with the chemicals of the Sildigra tablet
  19. simvastatin
  20. trazodone
  21. Hydrochlorothiazide (tamsulosin)
  22. Tramadol is known to get blended with the chemical formation of this pill
  23. omeprazole
  24. tamsulosin shall be avoided as it gets interacted with Sildigra

Alternative Medication for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction:

Silvitra 120Snovitra super power | Labedra | Tadalip

Reviews of this drug as mentioned by frequent users:

Michael has to say this:

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Decent value for money, you will receive your package in a just few days.

Exceptional service as I have been using this pill for a couple of years would recommend to everyone.

It is 100 percent Safe to use.

Jack says

I am going to use these pills repeatedly.

Jack suggests this to all males who have ED problems.

It is Advantageous, the product is great, valuable significance, you will get excellent service from the suppliers of this drug.

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