Natural remedies for anxiety during pregnancy

Anxiety levels can be high during pregnancy. It is certainly one of the challenges that pregnant women have to deal with.

  • In this article, we are going to find out about some of the natural remedial cures to anxiety and high stress during pregnancy.
  • Mothers may be stressed out during times of pregnancy wondering about whether their unborn is in the right health.
  • while it is true that you are visiting the doctors for a health checkup for your upcoming newborn, your mind as a mother is always concerned about your baby’s wellbeing.
  • In this article, we are going to find out what to do to ensure that your anxiety levels are low during pregnancy.
  • For this, we are going to inform you about three things. one is the activities that you can try out during this time, the supplements or nutrients that you need to have, and the medicines you may need during anxiety.

Let’s begin…

Activities to do

Take time to do some meditation

  • Meditation is the best thing to do when you are pregnant. So we recommend that you must take out some time to do meditation.
  • Meditation is one of the best natural curative means to help you out with anxiety. It can help restore normal hormonal balance and also it is the best way to control your flow of thoughts.
  • This way you will have much more patience and control over unnecessary and vague thoughts.

Sharing your feelings with other new mothers

  • As a to-be mother, sharing your thoughts and emotions about your anxiety with someone who has recently given born to a young one can help.
  • As doctors say, a conversation is already one of the best-proven ways to get rid of anxiety and stress.
  • Being able to communicate your thoughts and emotions to others and listening to their experiences and suggestions might be really helpful advice.

Ensure to stay busy

  • Try and ensure to stay busy in doing certain activities. During the last few months of your pregnancy, you may see weight gain and this may make you bedridden or constrained within your room.
  • And so you will need to stay busy doing some work although you will have to ensure extreme caution during this time.
  • so try and remain busy in whatever ways you can.
  • Some of the best activities to do during this time include gardening, watching movies listening to music, reading a book, etc.

Go outside for a walk

  • During the last few years of pregnancy women mostly remain indoors and sometimes staying indoors for such a long time can bring in thoughts of depression.
  • You can focus on going outside with caution such as to the nearest children’s park, or going to the supermarket to buy essentials for your upcoming baby.
  • At least ensure to be with someone from your family or relatives.

Best supplements and nutrients during pregnancy


  • During pregnancy times research has shown that taking in magnesium can help relieve anxiety.
  • Some of the food items that contain this micronutrient include pumpkin seeds, almonds, spinach, cashews, peanuts, dark chocolate, avocadoes, tofu, bananas, etc.
  • The other things that you can do are to take an Epsom salt bath, use a lotion or oil that contains magnesium, or take a magnesium-containing supplement.
  • Remember to get in touch with a doctor if you need to take a supplement.

Vitamin D

  • The sunshine vitamin seems to be having stress and anxiety-reducing properties. So again some of the best vitamin D-rich food items include salmon, red herring, sardines, cod liver oil, canned tuna, egg yolks,  mushrooms, cow milk, cheese, soy milk, orange juice, cereals, and oatmeals.
  • At least one of the best ways is to ensure bathing as much as you can under the sun for your body will automatically synthesize vitamin D in the presence of the sun.

Lemon balm

  •  It is seen that lemon balm can be one of those unusual things during your pregnancy at least to get rid of excessive stress.
  • Some doctors also say that lemon balm tea is the safest tea providing nutritive and health benefits as well as psychological benefits in letting you stay free from anxiety.
  • Before hastily buying any product make sure to check it out with your doctors and find out an authentic product.
  • There are various brands of lemon balm tea on the market.

Lavender oil

  • Lavender oil also seems to be one of the best stress-relieving agents during pregnancy time.
  • Its oozing and refreshing aroma can help relieve anxiety. You can massage it on your head or drop a few drops of lavender oil in your bucket while bathing.

Use of medicines during pregnancy for curing anxiety

Last but not least you can try out using an anxiety-curing pill, Make sure to get a recommendation from the doctors as there are consequent side effects with overdose or contraindications.

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