Is Beet Juice a Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Is Beet Juice a Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED or impotence, causes people to have trouble having an erection or holding it during sex. This is common in older people. Occasional ED generally is not a cause for concern. Chronic ED can cause intense anxiety and get you looking for help.

You may have heard that beet juice is a natural ED remedy, but is that really helpful? Maybe the answer.

What the research says

Any evidence which supports ED beet juice is anecdotal. There are no scientific studies on ED beet juice.

High blood pressure is one cause of ED because it can damage the blood vessels and interrupt the flow of blood into the penis. The blood flow disturbance may cause an ED.

Some work has shown that beet juice lowers blood pressure. Drinking one cup of beetroot juice daily reduces blood pressure as well as certain forms of medicine for blood pressure according to a 2014 study. In principle, if high blood pressure affects Erectile Dysfunction, drinking beetroot juice on a daily basis may improve symptoms.

High blood pressure in the bedroom not only affects people. For women, it can trigger a low sex drive. It may also reduce blood flow to the vagina, and affect how the body of a woman reacts to sex. A hypothesis is that women who drink beet juice also can experience better libido.

Nitric oxide and ED

The beet juice has a high nitrate amount. The nitrates are formed into nitric oxide by the body. Nitric oxide, a gas emitted naturally by the body, may help prevent ED. Nitric oxide is usually marketed as a dietary supplement for the treatment of the disease.

Work has shown that nitric oxide serves as a vasodilator to activate blood vessels and helps maintain pressure to support an erection in the corpus cavernosum. The corpus cavernosum is an erectile, sponge-like tissue abundant in blood vessels. If an erection occurs, impulses from the brain and nerve cause the corpus cavernosum to relax and get blood-engorged. The blood is trapped, and an erection is caused.

How to use beet juice

The best way to get beet juice is to produce it yourself by using a juicer to process fresh beets, including the leaves. Bottled beet juice can also be bought at most natural health stores or juice bars. Several stores sell new beet juice shots too.

Beets are naturally sweet so you don’t need to add any sweetener to make the taste of beet juice good. Juice a stalk of carrots or celery with the beet to reduce the sweetness. Even beets pair well with ginger, apples, and oranges.

There’s no approved daily recommended beet juice allowance. If you have a medical condition that could be affected by drinking beet juice, speak to your doctor about how good a drink is for you.

Health benefits of beets and beet juice

Beet juice has other safety benefits aside from reducing blood pressure. Beets contain limited amounts of the most important vitamins and minerals like:

  • iron
  • potassium
  • manganese

One small beet provides nearly a quarter of the recommended daily folate value. Folate is a vitamin B that helps prevent unborn babies from developing neural tube defects.

Whole beets contain a moderate amount Of vitamin c. Beetroot juice is not a healthy source, however. During juicing and storage, vitamin C goes lost.

Whole beets are a good source of fiber as well. Your dietary fiber helps to keep your bowels healthy, encourages weight loss by keeping you full longer, and can minimize cholesterol.

Some work has shown that beetroot extract kills many forms of cell lines in human cancer.

Before exercise or physical activity, drinking a shot of beet juice is also praised as a surefire way to increase stamina and boost endurance. Blood vessels are said to dilate during exercise and increase muscle blood flow. But work has not found evidence that this is valid, given the vasodilating effects in blood vessels during rest time.

Risks of using beet juice

Many people have no negative side effects and will enjoy beet juice in moderation. Some people may experience red urine after consuming only a small amount of beets, a disorder called beeturia. Once you stop eating them, the disease is harmless and should go down.

If you have a history of kidney stones with calcium oxalate, you may want to reduce your beet intake. Beets have a high oxalate content, a compound contained in many foods.

Also, according to the National Kidney Foundation, since they are extremely nutritious, you shouldn’t avoid eating beets or other high-oxalate foods entirely. Instead, they recommend eating and drinking at the same time calcium and oxalate products to maximize the risk that they can bind together in your digestive system until they enter your kidneys.

Nitrates dilate blood vessels and reduce blood pressure so if you take high blood pressure drugs or supplements, drink beet juice sparingly.

The beets have high in sugar. If you have diabetes, eat these with caution.

When you sometimes experience ED there is no need to worry. It’s just an increasingly natural side effect or a stressful day. It may also be because of the medicines. Speak to your doctor if ED occurs frequently or is followed by other symptoms such as pain, urinating trouble, or premature or delayed ejaculation.

The best defense against ED is a safe lifestyle. You can’t control any factor that can cause it, but you can control things like smoking, or heavy drinking. Whether you are smoking, drinking too much, or taking medications, talk to your doctor or find a treatment plan such as tadarise 40 to help avoid. The effect of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs on ED is clear.

Here are several other improvements you should make to the lifestyle to reduce your risk of developing ED:

  • If you are overweight, lose weight.
  • Stay active, and regular exercise.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Consult with the doctor to keep other health problems under control, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
  • Find ways to manage tension and stress. If required consult with a psychotherapist.

If you have an ED, keeping the lines of communication with your partner open is crucial. Note, ED is a medical condition and there’s nothing to blame on. If you don’t deal with your partner’s condition, you may experience more stress and anxiety, and aggravate or prolong your symptoms.

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