How to stop asthma attacks without an inhaler?

You are suddenly feeling the asthma symptoms creeping in. before you have a few minutes to ponder on what is going around you know that the inevitable is about to happen.

It is the worst dreaded event in your life that is an asthma attack. Yes, an asthma attack is about to come and you are outside, not at your home on your own.

  • You open your bag or backpack whatever you have and then suddenly, you just can’t find your best savior in these times that you Asthalin inhaler.
  • This is a perfectly worst situation in the life of an asthma patient which none of the asthma victims would like to suffer from.
  • Anyways so the next few minutes to about an hour is going to be an extremely critical phase in your life and you must be prepared for the battle for life which is about to begin in a few moments.
  • You are on your outside and you have forgotten to carry your inhaler and you realize you are having their symptoms of asthma. What to do next.
  • Often one of the biggest queries that is running in the minds of asthma patients is how do you stop an asthma attack without a Ventorlin inhaler.
  • If you are pondering about it too, then you have come to the right place to get some useful hands-on information.
  • In this article, we are going to give you a layout, a framework of actions that you need to do as it comes out to be the only resort in such times.

So let’s begin…

Actions to follow when you do not have an inhaler in your bag and you suffer from an asthma attack-

Sit or stand upright

  • So the first action for you to do is to sit upright or stand erect. This is a basic prevention remedy for preventing constriction of the airways.
  • By sitting or standing erect you ensure that the airways do not collapse or get constricted thus triggering the asthma attack quicker and in an enhanced fashion.

Slow down your breathing

  • Ensure that you breathe slowly. Since this is an emergency we know that it is easier said than done
  • but you have got to try and slow your breathing down just like when you breathe normally.

Breathe through your nose normally and take deep breaths

  • Do not take in air from your mouth. You see your nostrils contain mucus and hair inside and will work to some extent to prevent the asthma-triggering allergen to get inside your airways thus quickening the asthma attack.
  • Take deep breaths and ensure breathing normally through your nose.

Control your emotions and thoughts and stay calm

  • When you are suffering from an asthma attack people become nervous and start panicking.
  • When you don’t find your Bonair inhaler in your bag it can make you start to feel even further panicked and stressed.
  • As a result, your suffering is only going to increase even further.
  • A considerable focus and concentration are required from the patient in such times to try and ensure calmness such that you can control your breathing further and focus on what is to be done next.

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Understand the allergen that you are exposed to and get away from it

  • As a patient when you tend to suffer from an asthma attack, you also have some allergens that you are prone to.
  • For a patient, there may be several such allergens.
  • As a patient, you must know which allergens you are prone to and then think about your surroundings and find out which one of these possible allergens you are exposed to in your immediate environment.
  • Do not start to feel panicky and avoid running.
  • This is going to further worsen the asthma attack as you will feel exhausted and run out of breath even faster.

Call your doctor right away along with one of your family members if the situation becomes worse

  • Maybe you have forgotten to carry your inhaler but not your mobile. So quickly take out the phone from your bag and call your doctor to inform him about your condition.
  • There are a few things to information such as your feelings that is the symptoms that you are suffering from and the place where you are.
  • maybe if you cannot figure out the allergen you are exposed to on your own then the doctors can help you find it out and inform you.
  • Call a family member too if need be.
  • if you are in the city all on your own, and nothing else seems to be coming up as a solution call 911 or try asking a fellow person on the road to carry yourself to the nearest hospital.

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