Sex with ED

How to Have Sex with ED: Tips and Techniques?

Do you suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction? The erection of penis is a symbol of man power. If you have question how to have sex with ED? Then must read this article. Erectile dysfunction leads to low confidence and interfere with the enjoyment at the time of sex. In this article we are discussing in detail about erectile dysfunction and various tips and techniques used to have pleasure sex.

What is erectile dysfunction?

  • It influences the sex behavior of men. You must be affected at any time in life. erectile dysfunction is inability for maintaining or achieving the erection leading to dissatisfaction during sex.
  • There are two key aspects of ED: the psychogenic reaction and reflex erection.
  • Both of these aspects can lead to erectile dysfunction, however, it can be treated with medicines and therapies. buy tadalista 60 to treat Sex with ED.
  • The erection in response to reflex occurs due to penile shaft is controlled and touched by lower portion of spinal cord and nerves.
  • The erection due to psychogenic reason occurs due to emotional or erotic stimuli and is managed by limbic system located in brain.
  • Healthy erections occur due to blood flow and pressure. When you get aroused, the nervous system leads to relaxation of soft tissue of penis and enables blood flow in blood vessels.
  • The blood flows in vessels and the caused pressure in tissue traps blood and keep penis hard at the time of sex.
  • This problem can interfere in your sex life and leads to ED.
  • erectile dysfunction is the result of many attributes, starting from hormone imbalance to heart health and injury in pelvis.

How to do foreplay?

  • If you have problem like sex with ED and face problem then you must try this. Foreplay is intimate or erotic physical stimulation with the partner before starting sexual intercourse.
  • The foreplay incorporates oral sex, kissing, nipple play, hand jobs and anal stimulation and much more.
  • Both the partners must be excited to do foreplay.  The main idea is to get stimulated physically and mentally that it will help to do the erection at the time of sex with ed issues.
  • Foreplay needs expression of communication and emotions.
  • As per the clinical study, it is demonstrated that foreplay leads to orgasm of women at the time of sex.
  • The quality of the foreplay also matters a lot. The foreplay is not the treatment of erectile dysfunction but it makes sex enjoyable.
  • Also, you can convey sex desire with your partner.

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How to Have Sex with ED?

Sex toys

Sex toys play an important role in the treatment of Sex with ED. Let’s discuss about its effect

  • Penis sleeves– It is a tube shaped and hollow sex toy. It is worn in penis during sex. It has gained wide acceptance as it help to get stimulated during sex.
  • Cock rings– It is ring-shaped and flexible device that can be worn in penis for experiencing a sexual pleasure. It slows blood flow and increase the time of erection.
  • Male vibrators– It can be used with other sex toys. The male vibrators offer stimulation to both of you. you can enjoy sex with ed problems by this techniques.
  • Other sex toys– Other sex toys helps you to stay stronger and longer at the time of sex.  You can use extenders and vacuum pumps. You can also take medicines like Vidalista 80.

Oral Sex        

  • Oral sex is quite important that is enjoyed at the time of intercourse and you can enjoy Sex with ED problem.
  • It is an intimate activity that increase sex drive and reduce struggling at the time of intercourse.
  • It was studied in clinical studies that oral sex improvises sex life and overall health.
  • The oral sex leads to active sex life and good relation with your partner.
  • It results in sex intimacy and erection for a longer period of time.

ED medicines

  • The doctor can prescribe you to take oral medicines like tadalista 60 and Vidalista 80. These erectile dysfunction pills can be taken 30 mins before the sex.
  • The influence and effect lasts for 1-4 hours. These medicines are approved by FDA.
  • These medicines have certain side effects so you must take it with caution. you can enjoy sex with ed problems by using ed medications.
  • Also, they are not used for treating this erectile disorder but it leads to erection and pleasure at the time of sexual intercourse.

Why to order medicine from a genuine online medical store?

  • You must take care and check that the address of the medical store must be mentioned on the website. If you want enjoy sex with ed problems then you should visit trusted pahrmacy to get genuine ED mediactions.
  • Also, check that contact details are mentioned on the website.
  • You must not get lured with discounts and offers.
  • The online pharmacy store must have genuine and top-quality medicines.
  • The genuine online pharmacy store always asks for the doctor’s prescription.
  • You will also get the free delivery at the doorstep.


  • Erectile dysfunction is a medical disorder that affects men worldwide.
  • If you have this disorder, then sex toys, foreplay, oral sex and medicines can help you to enjoy sex and keep the erection for long term.
  • You can also order the oral medicines from safegenericpharmacy as it is a trusted online store. You will get many discounts and offers over there with the free delivery at the doorstep.
  • Consult the doctor and use various other modes such as sex toys, oral medicines, oral sex and much more.
  • These techniques will help to keep the erection for long-term. Also, you will be able to get satisfaction and pleasure for long term at the time of sex.
  • These tips are not the treatment methods but it will help you to provide the pleasure to your partner and maintain erection at the time of sex.
  • So, what are you waiting for, just follow these tips and techniques.
  • These techniques are justified by the clinical studies that show that these steps are quite helpful in maintaining the erection and provide pleasure to the partner during sex.
  • You must not be mistaken that these medicines will treat erectile dysfunction but they are the preventive actions that will help you to overcome your fear and embarrassment.

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