How to get rid of scabies? cure scabies at home

What Is Scabies?

Scabies is rashes on the skin that are created from small mites named Sarcoptes scabies. These tiny mites are so small that they easily penetrate the skin, causing itching and discomfort.

It then turns into a rash, redness, and blisters. It is highly contagious, so proper treatment Iverheal 12 is a must. Female scabies mites enter human skin, make holes under the skin and lay eggs.

There are lots of traditional treatments available for scabies, but most of them can cause serious side effects. Some of the treatments do not respond properly. So it is recommended to use natural or home remedies to treat this tiny mite.

Causes of scabies

This eight-legged mite causes scabies is microscopic and female mite lays eggs make a tunnel under the skin where they lay eggs.

Close physical contact, sharing of clothing or bed with the patient can spread this mite very quickly. The eggs hatch into larvae which work towards the surface of the skin and mature there.

They then spread to different parts of the skin, in this way these mites reproduce on the skin and cause discomfort and allergic reaction on the skin.

Not every species likes the same type of host and does not live long in the body of another host except the preferred host.

For example, the infection in the human body from contact with scabies mites in the animal’s body is temporary. They are temporary and do not last long because they cannot fully develop allergies or rashes in the human body.

Symptoms of scabies

Scabies symptoms include:

  • Itching or allergies, caused by scabies, often become severe and often get worse at night.
  • The tiny blisters that form on your skin due to scabies are very thin and create irregular burrow tracks that typically appear in the folds of skin

Adults and older scabies is usually created different types of problem

  • Between the two fingers of hand and toe
  • On the wrists fold
  • Around the waist
  • On the inner elbows
  • Under the breasts
  • Between the two breast
  • Around the genital area of male
  • On the knees
  •  On the buttocks
  • On the soles of the feet

Scabies infections are also found in infants and young children, the most common sites are:

  • Palm
  • Scalp
  • Soles of the feet

Natural treatment for scabies

There are different natural substances derived from nature to treat scabies, including

  • Neem
  • tea tree oil
  • clove oil
  • aloe vera
  • cayenne pepper

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is extremely powerful as well as effective to prevent all skin problems. So it also can heal the skin rash and irritation due to Scabies. However, this natural treatment Ivercor 12 is not very effective in fighting scabies deep in your skin.

Take the small amount of this oil in a squirt bottle and then spray it on your affected area of the skin.


The neem plant works as the eases inflammation and pain of various problems, as it has antibacterial properties. Now need is available in oil, soaps, and cream form.

Aloe vera

According to the studies, aloe vera gel can heal various problems; maybe it is prescription-strength medication or natural remedies. It is also very effective on rashes or itching caused by scabies. You have to opt for the aloe vera gel without any additives.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is also a powerful ingredient to kill mites. If it is applied topically, the pain and itching can be reduced.

Clove oil and other essential oils

Being an insecticide, Clove oil has been proven to kill the scabies mites coming from pigs and rabbits.

But more studies and research are required, but essential oils may also have the potentialities to treat scabies. So you can try thyme, lavender, nutmeg, etc.

Who needs treatment for scabies?

If a person has scabies, everyone with whom he or she has close contact also needs the treatment. Even if they do not have any signs or symptoms, they also need to be treated, because symptoms can appear in a few weeks between them.

Most of the disease can be cured with medicine; scabies is not different than other. Scabies medicine can be applied to part of the body, from neck to toe. The adult doesn’t need treatment in the face, children need treatment scalp and face. The dermatologist will guide.

Most of the scabies medicines are applied before going to bedtime. The medicine should be washed after wakes up.

Most of the medicines for scabies are applied at bedtime that needs to be washed after wake up from sleep. To treat scabies, you should follow the instruction of a dermatologist.

The medicines for scabies are including:

  • 5% permethrin cream: the good thing is that it can be used from 2 months of age to adult and is extremely effective to treat scabies.
  • 25% benzyl benzoate lotion
  • 10% crotamiton cream
  • 1% lindane lotion
  • Sulfur (5%-10%) ointment

Treatment for widespread scabies

Scabies can spread to most parts of the body and cause skin rashes and rashes, so strong medications are often needed. This type of razor requires prescription medicine such as Ivermectin.

But the children and patients who are HIV-positive cannot use it. Some need only one dose, or some need two or three-dose. The normal dose of the medicine is one tablet every two weeks.

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