How are Diabetes and ED Connected?

How are Diabetes and ED Connected?

ED (Erectile dysfunction) and diabetes are associated connected. ED, also is known as impotence, is the failure to get or keep up an erection for sexual performance. For few men, the issue is that they can’t get an erection while for others it is that the erection does not keep going long enough. While there may be numerous reasons as to why someone has ED and men who have diabetes get this condition inside ten years of finding. The onset of ED is in men under the age of 50 years, usually. Those who have high blood pressure problems or heart issues may start to experience ED much earlier.

The connection between ED and Diabetes

Erectile dysfunction isn’t an unavoidable part of aging, but if somebody has diabetes, it is a matter of time before they start to experience this issue. While most men may have moderate ED, a minority have a more severe structure.

Diabetes is a chronic problem of having raised sugar levels. These high levels cause tissue and nerve harm in the body apart from having adverse impacts on numerous organs. Even the little blood vessels feel the brunt of high sugar levels.

An erection occurs when the blood stream to the penis is expanded. This is because of the discharge of nitric oxide in the blood when the man is sexually stimulated. The mind and the local nerve impulses cause the penile muscles to unwind so more blood can fill them up, causing an expansion in the penis and making an erection.

Diabetes causes harm to the nerves and veins blood vessels to the penis and thus influences erection. Also, high sugar levels\ decrease the amount of nitric oxide that gets discharged into the blood.

Hazard Factors for ED and diabetes

A few elements increment the risks of suffering from ED if you have diabetes. They are:

  • Poor management of glucose level

If the blood sugar levels continue fluctuating, chances of blood vessels, and nerve harm is more.

  • Stress and depression

The individuals who experience anxiety have more issues of ED than others who are less stressed.

Men who experience depression have more sexual issues than other

  • Smoking

Diabetes is hard to manage, and the individuals who smoke suffer earlier from ED.

  • Weight

The individuals who are overweight suffer earlier from ED.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes and ED

If you feel you are having issues, you should discuss with your specialist about ED. Diagnosis is made with a physical test to check for nerve issues in the testicles or the penis. A blood test may also be done. Either your specialist will recommend the medications, or he may allude you to somebody having some expertise in sexual dysfunction. If you have diabetes but do not suffer from ED, you could discuss with your specialist about the possibility of the problem in the future.

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Treatment typically includes oral prescription. These medications are growing the blood stream to the penis and the testicles. They don’t respond with the diabetes prescriptions. There are different alternatives like implants and pumps, but these are far less powerful and with more complications than oral medicine. Hormone and penile infusion therapies are also employed in increasingly troublesome cases.


Research has demonstrated that adopting the right way of life helps in staving off ED. Just because one has diabetes doesn’t imply that is the finish of your sexual wellbeing. This way of life enhancements helps to manage diabetes and lower the risk of having ED.

Manage Blood Sugar level

Having a stable glucose level will enable you to prevent organ harm and harm to the nerves and veins. You can balance the blood sugar levels through a healthy eating routine. It will help improve your vitality levels and your psychological well-being.

Weight Loss

Even a little amount of weight reduction will enable you control your diabetes and in turn, diminish the risk of ED. You will feel lighter, experience better erections and moods.


Getting active will assist you in reducing your sugar levels, improve blood flow different organs and feel expanded vitality levels. It will enable your weight to lose and feel better about yourself.

Reduce Your Stress

Stress hampers sexual excitement and might be the reason why you have ED. Many activities like yoga, meditation, listening to music, exercising, and others help in diminishing feelings of anxiety. Discover your niche and engage in the activities that you appreciate. If you feel you are feeling depressed or anxious, consult your specialist.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Regular utilization of alcohol prompts veins harm and causes high glucose levels. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that while alcohol increases your craving for sex, it lessens the ability to have sexual excitement. Smoking additionally expands the want for smoking, which creates more damage to the body.

Generic Medicines work greatly in improving the sex drive. All the drugs like Stendra, Viagra, Tadalafil, Levitra, Cialis belong to a class of PDE5 inhibitors.

You can also use Kamagra to treat erectile dysfunction.



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