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Can lack of sleep cause erectile dysfunction

Sometimes disturbance in the hormones can disrupt your body. In turn, it makes you suffer from unwanted health issues like erectile dysfunction.

If we have to count then there can be many depending upon person to person. But some conditions can be deadly as well.

  • Here the one case where you can come across is with sleep apnea. It is the condition that makes you be in trouble at the time of sleep.
  • This means you become tired or feel breathless at the time of sleep. Sleep apnea in turn can even make men come with erectile dysfunction.
  • Since the condition occurs only in men and makes their sexual life in trouble. However, the case does have treatment with Vidalista 20 and the condition like erectile dysfunction can be secured easily.
  • Here you will get to know more about erectile dysfunction and sleep apnea

Relation Between Sleep Apnea And Testosterone

Sleep is considered one of the major parts of one’s life. If you do not sleep then you can come into trouble.

  • This means both physical and physiological aspects. Besides this sleep derivates can alter the brain thereby causing the problem.
  • Numerous studies counted that sleep disruption can result in disturbed sexual life. Perhaps with Vilitra 20, men can easily cope with their weak sexual life.
  • It comes with advanced components and helps in strong erecting power.
  • But you do have to be aware of what all sleep issues can make you suffer. The condition has surrounded millions of people all across the globe.
  • While it can also result in deviation within the mood and other conditions. Perhaps the one and most important is its effect on testosterone.
  • Sleep disturbance can result in disruption in sexual life. Hence men often suffer problems within their relationship/married life.
  • Therefore there is a need to take the condition seriously when you come across any of its symptoms. Once diagnosed you can come up with Vidalista 60mg

Why Sleep Hygiene Maintenance Is Necessary?

  • Sometimes it becomes difficult for people to fall asleep. This is mainly because they do not have their set sleeping schedule or are involved in a poor lifestyle.
  • Hence individuals often land trouble. But it is not only the case it does have an impact on your body.
  • This means it includes erectile dysfunction which is known as impotence. But by following good practice and sleep hygiene you can contribute your good health.
  • You need to make your bed comfortable.
  • Make your bedroom a cosy corner.
  • Do not undergo sleeping during daytime
  • Do not make a habit of undergoing games and watching television before bedtime.
  • Try to maintain your regular sleeping time and do not alter it
  • Do not smoke and drink before you are going for sleeping.

Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea And Erectile Dysfunction:

There are many symptoms of impotence and sleep apnea that can make you cure your problem in the right manner.

Different symptoms can make you realize you are in trouble. In case of erectile dysfunction, you have some of those mentioned below-

  • You become weak and unable to achieve erections for long
  • Not able to maintain erections.
  • You feel tired and uneasy at the time of course.
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Sexual disturbance
  • Irritation

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is the condition where an individual becomes uneasy at the time of sleep. This means you feel a breathing problem.

The condition can make people suffer long if left untreated.

Increase in weight is one of the chief cause of sleep apnea.

Yet the one another is a disturbance in the throat and also in the nose. Besides this-

  • Depression
  • Smoking
  • Excessive use of alcohol
  • neuro problems


Sleep apnea and Erectile dysfunction both are different conditions have but interconnection. But sleep apnea can be related to Erectile dysfunction. The condition affects men and makes them weak at the time of sex.

Perhaps different diagnosis procedures can make you undergo a cure.

  • This involve a blood test
  • Discussion with a healthcare specialist
  • A doctor can ask about your personal life
  • X-ray

Depending upon your condition, different diagnostic procedures can help you to overcome your condition.

What Is The Best And Suitable Treatment?

  • Different treatments can cure erectile dysfunction. But if sleep apnea is the condition then do not avoid treating it as well.
  • This means you need to run treatment for both conditions simultaneously. To cure Erectile dysfunction and sleep apnea there are different oral medicines.
  • Besides this, there are natural processes and also medical procedures. All it depends upon your body and your situation.
  • Hence you must follow the intake of those methods as per your requirement. Follow daily practice as long as you have been suggested.
  • Do not take any treatment in overdose. If you tend to do so then you can come across different other health issues as well.
  • Therefore before reaching any treatment you must consult a specialist.


Can sleep apnea be treated?

Sleep apnea can be treated easily by changing your sleeping routine. In addition, you need to make certain changes to your bedroom. This means making it a comfortable place to sleep in.

Is sleep apnea and ED has connection?

Sleep apnea can lead men to come across ED. This means disruption in sleep can affect sexual life. In turn, if left untreated then it can make you suffer unnecessarily.

Can low testosterone levels cause ED?

Yes, a low level in testosterone level can make you fall into ED. This means if you are not able to take proper sleep then you can come across different health conditions. One of those is ED or impotence.


Disturbance in sleep can make you fall into erectile dysfunction. Many cases have been found. Also if you want to make your condition best at first you need to change your sleep routine and take proper 7-8 hours of sleep. You can visit safegenericpharmacy to know more about erectile dysfunction.

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