Can Boron Treat ED or Boost Testosterone Levels

Can Boron Treat ED or Boost Testosterone Levels?

Boron is a natural element found in the world in large quantities in the earth’s mineral deposits.

This is widely used in industrial applications such as fiberglass or pottery. Yet it’s found in many of the things you eat as well. You should consider it as natural as table salt. And each day you could get up to 3 milligrams ( mg) only by eating an apple, drinking coffee, or snacking on some nuts.

It is also believed that boron plays a key role in regulating the natural development of testosterone and estradiol, a type of estrogen, in your body.

This use has caused some waves among people with erectile or low testosterone dysfunction (ED). Yet while there is some evidence that boron may influence levels of ED or testosterone, it’s not clear how much it really does make a difference.

Let’s get into whether it can truly work as a supplement to testosterone or ED, it’s possible side effects and its benefits.

Will the boron work as a testosterone boosting supplement?

The response to this question is yes, in short, easy. But let’s parse what science is always saying.

According to a 2015 review of IMCJ-published boron literature, taking a 6-mg dose of boron for just one week has the following advantages:

  • Increases the metabolism of the body’s total testosterone to release testosterone, which is used for many sexual functions
  • Increases free levels of testosterone by around 25 percent
  • Reduces estradiol amounts by almost half
  • Reduces inflammatory markers, such as interleukin and C-reactive proteins, by over half
  • Allows more free testosterone to bind with proteins in the blood, which can benefit even more when you age

These results were confirmed by eight male participants — taking 10 mg daily for a week raised free testosterone and substantially lowered estradiol.

Past research, however, raised some questions about boron and testosterone levels.

A 1993 study of 19 male bodybuilders found that while bodybuilding itself can increase natural testosterone levels, taking a seven-week 2.5-mg boron supplement made no difference compared to a placebo.

Does boron work for ED?

The idea that boron works for ED are based upon the free testosterone effects it has. Whether the root of your ED is low testosterone levels, high estradiol levels, or other factors that are linked to hormones, you may find some benefit in taking boron.

But if your ED’s source is another cause, such as poor circulation due to a heart condition or nerve damage from a condition such as diabetes, taking boron won’t do much to help.

Speak to a doctor about diagnosing any underlying disorder before you take boron that can cause ED. used prescription medicine Kamagra Chewable for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Other boron benefits for men

Some other potential benefits of boron-taking include:

  • Metabolizing the diet’s vitamins and minerals that can boost blood flow, lead to healthy sexual function, and maintain balanced androgen hormones such as testosterone
  • Boost executive functions such as synchronization with the hand-eye and memory
  • Boost the potency of vitamin D, which can also lead to good testosterone levels

Side effects of taking extra boron

Here are some of the other side effects known with taking too much boron:

  • feeling sick
  • vomiting
  • indigestion
  • headaches
  • diarrhea
  • skin color changes
  • seizures
  • shaking
  • damage to blood vessels

Be careful with supplements. A little can go a long way but it can be risky too much. Your body may not be able to flush out the excess amount effectively, allowing it to build up to toxic levels inside your bloodstream.

Always consult with a doctor before you add some supplements to your diet. Interactions with other drugs or medications can happen.

How much boron to take for increased testosterone or ED

The exact dose may vary from person to person but the best evidence suggests that 6 mg of boron supplements once daily are the ideal amount for increased testosterone or ED care.

Evidence indicates that after a week of taking this dosage you can start feeling a difference.

Boron can affect the testosterone levels slightly and you may very well note any variations. But you will see any changes in ED symptoms less likely.

Trying as long as you are following the recommended dosing recommendations doesn’t hurt. Speak to a health care provider about any potential therapies for low testosterone or ED symptoms, be they normal or medical.

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