Best food for a stronger erection

Do you believe that there are foods that will help to maintain the erection? As per the data, around one-third of males have this problem of erectile dysfunction. There are many medicines such as Cenforce 100 blue pill or Fildena 100 purple pills that will help to overcome ED. Also, certain foods help to get rid of ED.

The reasons for swelling in the penis are physical and psychological. The male usually goes through various steps while having an erection.

  • The male experience sensory and mental stimulation that causes his brain to send signals to the nerves around the penis.
  • When the muscles get relaxed then the blood flow increases.
  • The blood gets filled inside the spaces and leads to expansion and then erection.
  • The membrane ploys the blood in the penis and leads to the erection.

The relaxation of muscles starts with messages transferred via nerves then Nitric Oxide poses an important role.

Nitric Oxide maintains blood flow and muscle tone in the penis. Hence, the food provides many benefits like improving blood flow.

The food has arginine and Nitric Oxide that plays an important role.

Best foods that will lead to a strong erection

  • Watermelon

It has citrulline that acts as a Nitric Oxide. It is one of the best foods for erection as it relaxes and dilates blood vessels for the easy flow of the blood. 

The other foods with the same benefits are gourds, cucumber, and bitter melons.

  • Leafy green and spinach

The spinach contains Nitric Oxide that leads to erection and expansion of arteries. It is been seen in the study that spinach with low-sodium chicken broth, onions, and black pepper improvise the levels of Nitrate in males.

The nitrates in Arugula and Kale are good for the entire body

  • Coffee

Another essential element that will help to grow the size of the penis is coffee. Caffeine supports the relaxation of smooth muscles and boosts the flow of blood.

  • Dark chocolate

This food is rich in flavanols making it easy to flow the blood. You must use dark chocolate with caution as it has fat and sugar that can lead to weight gain

  • Salmon

Salmon is rich in Vitamin D and helps to erect. Vitamin D prevents endothelial dysfunction where blood vessels, arteries, and organs are not able to circulate.

The supplementation is essential for those areas where there are long winter or cloudy days.

  • Pistachios

It is a rich source of Arginine that helps to make the penis grow in size.

The arginine stimulates the synthesis of Nitric Oxide that maintains the flow to your vital organ and other portions of the body.

  • Walnuts, almonds and other nuts

These nuts are high-density lipoproteins that are also called good cholesterol.

When bad cholesterol gets caught in vessels and arteries blocking the blood flow to the organs.

The almonds and other nuts provide bad cholesterol to go back to the liver and eliminate as waste.

  • Blueberries and oranges

The oranges and blueberries also contain flavonoids. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

The flavonoids motivate blood flow that enables the penis to be engorged as it gets stimulated.

  • Hot or spicy foods

The hot peppers have Capsaicin that supports the erection. Also, a study conducted in France showed that hot foods contain a high quantity of testosterone.

  • Oysters

They contain Zinc plays an important role in testosterone. The plays an essential role in developing libido and reproductive organs. The oysters help for stronger erection.

  • Garlic

Garlic reduces blood pressure and decreases inflammation. Garlic enhances testosterone levels which are quite important for libido.

  • Onion

It enhances the blood flow which is important for a strong and long erection. It keeps the heart-healthy.

  • Saffron

It is an expensive one with skin lightning attributes. It also helps to reduce headaches and body pain. It enhances libido in females and males.

  • Citrus foods

You might know that citrus foods are rich in Vitamin C lead to the relaxation of the artery and decreases blood pressure.

It leads to better erection and enhanced blood circulation.

  • Pomegranate

It is an important fruit that will help to make your penis strong and healthy. If you want to enjoy your sex life then consume this fruit on daily basis.

  • Banana

The banana is rich in potassium. It fights bloating and is one of the answers to a hangover.

I have discussed many foods that will help to increase libido and maintain an erection. So, you can take these foods that will help you to stay healthy and enjoy sex life.

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