About Us

Safe Generic Pharmacy is a mass trader of generic drugs and OTC healthcare products since 2011. We are providing quality service and products to consumers all over the world. When you order from us, you never need to bargain quality or unwavering quality. Our company is professionally managed and it is headed up by a top-rated qualified Indian safe generic pharmacy, offering only the best value in generic drugs and brands. All of the drugs we sell meet and conform to manufacturing and quality control world-class standards. The majority of the medications found on safegenericpharmacy needs a prescription from a licensed doctor, and a copy must be faxed or scanned into our company in order for us to process your order on prescription drug orders placed. All brands offered by safegenericpharmacy are made in endorsed offices by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Exceptional Quality

At our drug store, you get amazing prescriptions since we purposefully work with the insightful bearing to guarantee that each medication and order is tried and prepared with genuine endeavors and able execution. We center around quality to not only improve your life, but we need you to be glad and have better tomorrows! Stop worrying about ‘less than desirable’ costs or low quality when it comes to the medicine you are putting into your body because you are able to depend on the outstanding and exceptional quality products we have that are of the utmost in Quality Global Standards. Our responsibility towards the community and vision of long-term success in giving people comfort and joy in their daily lives drives us further every day towards doing everything we can to enrich the lives of our consumers.

Service Standards

A Quality Audit Team regularly works in monitoring all drugs and orders adhere to our strict standards to ensure only the best service and experience for all of our consumers. We follow all guidelines to ensure the safety and privacy of all customers. You can be assured that our standards are always up to date.

Lowest Price Guarantee

You do not have to spend a fortune just to get quality drugs. Here at SafeGenericPharmacy, you are guaranteed to find the cheapest prices for your generic and OTC drugs. If you find a cheaper price somewhere else, we WILL BEAT it! That is right! All you have to do is contact us and let us know where you found the cheaper price, and we will give you the medicine at that same price. We understand that prescription medications can be very expensive. We don’t want you paying a lot for your medication. You are on medication to cure your health problem, and you should have the option to do so without paying all the money you have.

Choice of Products and Availability

All together for an item to show up on our site, it needs to pass stringent assessment parameters and endorsement. Market studies are conducted for every product before consideration for placement on our site. All parameters are connected a while later. Assessments incorporate the genuine item or potentially maker investigation, as well as packing. Most items offered on our site are generic medications, boasting the exact same ingredients as their name-brand counterparts, however with Safe Generic Pharmacy the costs are significantly reasonable for customers. The lower cost does not mean any difference in terms of purity, potency, dosage, or bio-equivalence. Truth be told, most of generic healthcare items are manufactured in India. The main nation in the majority of the world (outside of the United States) to make generic medications is India, with 74% of the conventional medication USFDA endorsed offices being found there.

Security of Ordering

It is obvious to scrutinize the website’s security these days with all of the scams and duplicate sites found online, yet with SafeGenericPharmacy you never need to stress over your own data getting in the wrong hands. We use the full certifications from Alpha SSL and Sucuri Security as the best quality level for all of our internet placed orders. All shopping cart pages on www.safegenericpharmacy.net are verified by a current SSL Certificate. Your security is the main worry with this organization. We need to ensure you’re totally secure while shopping on our site.

Discreet Delivery

As part of our commitment providing the highest customer service, we guarantee the majority of our orders are shipped in recycled, environmentally friendly discreet boxes or mailers to regard your security. Similarly as though you went to a drug store in your neighborhood, they put your medicine in a non-see through the pack for your security. We care for your security just as much.

Customer Service Support

When you order from our safegenericpharmacy, you can be sure of one thing: WE CARE ABOUT YOUR SATISFACTION. Our entire team is dedicated and enthusiastic about making sure our customers are always satisfied. Our customer service support team will go above and beyond to show you the exceptional service we are committed to giving all of our consumers before and after ordering. Feel free to read the independent customer testimonials found around the web or right here on our site to see how others have appraised their experience with us. Over the past 5 years, we have worked hard and strive to give back to the community, enriching lives as much as possible. We are here for you whether you have a complaint, suggestion, or would just like to share your experience. We want to hear from our customers. Your satisfaction and accomplishment with our organization are what we take pride in.